There is no shortage of top accommodation options for your stay at Nowa Nowa.

Whether you are just looking for a powered or unpowered site to park your caravan for the night or you are after a more luxurious stay, Nowa Nowa has you covered.

Mingling waters

Mingling Waters


Nowa Nowa Caravan Park

stoney creek trestle bridge

Nowa Nowa Hotel Motel

Things to do in Nowa Nowa

As well as being a great relaxing place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is also a great fishing location!

Fishing not your thing? Well there are many other things to do in Nowa Nowa which makes this little town so great.

Alternative accommodation options

The town can be completely booked out over busy periods such as Christmas and Easter. Other options include free camping just outside of town at the Glasshouse and Pettman’s beach.